Lift Qi up and Pour Qi Down & Rofu

In this extended recording, Maarten sets up the Qi field, shows how to connect movement to Dan Tian as a way to nourish Qi. Then a longer and relaxing session of Rofu.

Master Yuantong Liu & how to embrace each new point in life

We remember the 12. May 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan, China. Our group of 16 enjoyed the master class and on the 5th day a disaster hit us. How we were saved from the mountain. Master Liu continues to tell his experience and gives a lecture.

Lower and middle dantian practice

Maarten leads the QI field of practitioners from all over the world. In this session he teaches basic meditation practice of lower and middle dan tian. How to harmonize with the universe. At the end he shows how to strengthen the legs.