Eric du Bosc, guest teacher. A wonderful znqg session

With pleasure we share the video of Eric's recording. Enjoy!

Teacher Wei leads the pure consciousness movement on ZNQG Culture Day

Many practitioners around the world join meditations online. Wei Laoshi leads a meditation in a powerful Qi field. Must watch!

Wei Qi Feng Zhineng Qigong

Teacher Wei

During 20 minutes Wei Laoshi tells about his life and answers questions from participants: about practice, consciousness and harmonious living. Then he leads a zhi neng qi gong meditation. Must watch!

Helen Zhang laoshi

Teacher Helen Zhang is an experienced teacher. At the time of the medicine less hospital she worked in different departments after healing from disease. Her center in Beijing is world-renowned. In this video after the interview she leads level 1 practice.

The purpose of preparing a practice – 8 verses

An interactive session. After creating the qi field, the preparation of practice with the 8 verses is discussed among the participants. All you want to know about practice preparation!