Mindful Qi Living with teacher Bartel

"Not to fight disease so much, but instead create a happy life"

In daily life we regularly face challenging situations. For many of us, stress, emotional tension and limiting thinking patterns are a part of daily life. Teacher Ning invites you to find a way of dealing with all these impulses and create a happy and joyful life. The Mindful Qi Living course is for you when you are interested to 'manage your own health' by focusing on your healthy self and want to have practical tools to do so.

Managing Health

The high intensity of life sometimes requires that we take control of our health.

“A 35-year-old man has a demanding job. He travels a lot for his work, has little time for his family and often no time for sports. He doesn’t have enough physical exercise, does a lot of thinking and has the feeling that he can not keep up with  all the demands of his work. He sleeps poorly and has pain in his neck and back. A visit to the doctor gives a clear warning about his health: his blood pressure is rather high. He knows that by continuing this way of life, his health will be in serious danger. He wonders: how can Zhineng Qigong help me?”

In this training we focus on “managing our health”. Teacher Bartel invites you to focus on what is healthy, and not to send Qi (= attention) to illness or pain. By concentrating on your health and well-being, you can shift your focus from illness to health and to what gives you energy. This shift in focus is how you activate the self-healing power of body and mind.

Teacher Bartel introduces the ancient and effective methods of Qigong and takes you on a journey to peace and balance. He teaches you how to use a powerful energy field, meditation, movements and the power of mudras with repetitive – healing – sounds. The exercises are easy to learn and beneficial.

The key to your health is to be found in directing your focus and energy (Qi). The traditional Chinese approach is a holistic one, by which you can preserve and improve your health.

Inner freedom and a more powerful version of yourself

“A 45-year-old woman has a good life. She has great relationships, a good job and yet…. Something is lacking. In everything she does,  she wonders what others think of her. So she refrains from following her heart. She dims her light and does not use her full potential. Even if others tell her that she can  she doesn’t dare to. Her question is: how do I restore confidence in myself and step into my strength?

How we think about ourselves largely determines our health. Fact: every thought has an effect in the body within five seconds.

In this training we work on the integration of mental, emotional and physical health. You learn what you can do yourself about stress reduction and relaxation. This allows you to stand more free and more firmly in life. You work on a more powerful version of yourself in order to stay balanced in  challenging situations in life.

Practicing Qigong brings body and mind to rest. In this way you return to your natural state of health and well-being. Practicing together in a organised Qifield is very powerful.

This training is suitable for everyone, regardless of your state of health or the extent to which you already practice Qigong.

The training focuses on transformation within yourself. Practicing together supports this transformation, the emphasis is on your personal journey.


This training covers six months. It starts with a 4-day workshop and  will  be continued by 5 online lessons in the following months. In this way you can put into practice what you have learned.


In the 4-day workshop you learn the basic techniques  you will work with at home during the rest of the training.


  • Strengthening and building up your inner Qi;
  • Simple movements for improving the Qi flow in the body;
  • Chanting (repeating, healing sounds) for organs that reflect the center of emotions in the Chinese health system.

You will also receive  advice for your personal training from teacher Bartel.

On this basis you can continue at home. You will be supported by video material from the Qigong exercises. Moreover, we keep in touch with each other in a WhatsApp group, so you can always ask questions. In this way we keep Qi field strong.


We continue the workshop with 5 online sessions of 1 ½ hour on Sunday afternoons with teacher Bartel. In these sessions we once again validate the joined Qi field. In addition, there is room for questions or further explanation from teacher Ning and the opportunity to practice together.


Teacher Bartel has 30 years of experience as a Qigong teacher and healer. He worked for six years at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center (the famous medicine-free hospital). In his lessons, he uses his knowledge of and experience with various Qigong methods. He has an in-depth understanding of the causes of illness and the way in which illness and imbalance can be solved in body and mind. He likes to share this knowledge and experience with you, as well as exercises that you can use to get started. Teacher Ning provides clear explanations and the exercises are simple, beneficial and effective.


  • For everyone who is willing to work on his or her health, both for maintaining and restoring health.
  • For anyone who is interested in developing more stability in daily life.
  • For anyone who wants to change limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that prevent him/her from functioning freely.
  • For therapists, trainers and coaches to better guide their clients with the knowledge gained during this training.
  • Both for beginners and for advanced (Zhineng) Qigong practitioners.

Practical information half-year training Mindful Qi Living with teacher Bartel

Workshop date:

November 14 until November 17 2019

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


De Bonenrank

Koningin Emmakade 133

The Hague, The Netherlands

Data online sessions:

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday January 19, 2020

Sunday, February 16

Sunday, March 15

Sunday, April 19

From 1 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.
All sessions will be recorded and sent to you.

Your contribution: 575 euros

This price includes:

  • Workshop of 4 days on location
  • Including coffee, tea, refreshments and lunch.
  • 5 online lessons of 1.5 hours
  • Personal advice by teacher Bartel

Early bird discount of 50 euros when you subscribe and pay before July 1, 2019

For those who wish, we provide a light evening meal immediately after the end of each workshop day. For this we ask an additional contribution of 10 euros per day.

For those who want to, there is the possibility to attend the online sessions together in The Hague or Kalmthout (near Antwerp), in order to exchange and learn from each other, to support eachother.

This workshop is offered to you by Qi Channel in cooperation with Qi Friends. If you have any questions or if you want to register, please send an email to Qi Friends:

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