Teacher Ning

Teacher Ning advocates to really love yourself and focus on the good part of your life. Ning combines the theories of Zhineng Qigong with some traditional qigong practices. The simple but effective exercises form a powerful basis to become your own energy healer.

Teacher Ning teaches how to improve energy flow within the physical body

Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas are in the center of our body, and between our heart and kidneys, lungs and liver. We need to keep the circulation of Qi between the organs flowing. Teacher Bartel Ning introduces very effective methods of traditional Qi Gong how to improve QI flow within.

Teacher Ning gives a powerful healing

In a 45 minute healing session Ning Laoshi gives a profound healing for body and mind.

Healing Qi by Ning laoshi

Ning Laoshi is a master from China. He was one of the teachers in the famous Huaxia Center under the guidance of Dr. Pang. Connecting to him was easy and he was prepared to give a healing immediately. Without knowing him other than a short mutual introduction, it turned out a strong healing field. Certainly worthwhile to watch again. His phrase 'we don't talk about YYT' kept with me for a long time.