Teacher Zhao Liancheng

Meet Teacher Zhao Liancheng. He lives in Guilin, South China . Zhao loashi went through the teacher training with dr Pang Ming and is a long time friend of teacher Wei Qifeng. Zhao laoshi has very strong gongfu, you will see.

In this video teacher Zhao laoshi first is interviewed, several people asking questions. Then leading Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down. Followed by a healing for Maarten, the originator of this Qi Channel.

Zhu laoshi teaches Wall Squats

Excellent teaching by Zhu laoshi of the Wall Squats with lots of attention for every detail and also the why of it.

Mauro Lugano shares his experiences and teaches 3CM

In a 1,5 hour zoom meeting Mauro shares from his memories of a visit to Liu Yuantong in China. How this new experience has changed him and settles in his consciousness.

Eric du Bosc, guest teacher. A wonderful znqg session

With pleasure we share the video of Eric's recording. Enjoy!