Teacher Jianshe - Hexianju Center Hainan (China)

Zhineng Qigong Teacher Jianshe regularly visits Europe to provide in retreats. He also runs a Qigong center in China, on the island of Hainan.

February 2020: Teacher Jianshe leads Yi Yuan Ti Field Practice

Not how, when or why. Living a full life is in the present moment through our Yi Yuan Ti (Mind oneness entity). Already all that is our intention of our life completely integrated with our life.

February 2020: Teacher Jing Jing Bai from Jianshe's center leads Open Close (Kai He)

From the Hexju Center Teacher Jianshe and his colleagues provide free teachings to all the world. Teacher Jing Jing Bai leads a strong Qi field practice of Kai He!

August 2020: Teacher Jianshe at Qi Channel's home in Belgium

Already we are new, we have a new life'. No why, no when, no how. Celebrate your new life in this moment', is what Teacher Jianshe teachers us. Enjoy this vibrant message during a meeting in a strong online Qi field.