Teacher Chuan Xie

Teacher Chuan Xie lives and teaches in/from his hometown Shanghai in China. He was destined to be a well paid cook in the 80s, when he deserted his job and friends to become a dedicated Qigong practitioner. He graduated from the Huaxia College founded by Dr. Pang. The Grandmaster had just one message for him: "If you know your shortcomings, it is enough." Vigourous practice of all methods has no meaning without learning from your own background experience. Today Teacher Xie still shares his in depth wisdoms. His simple and effective techniques follow his abundant wisdom teaching. Humble and straight from the heart. 

Recordings with teacher Xie Chuan on Qi Channel

Teaching & practice session with important explanation of how to practice, what is Qi, what is your Qi field:

What is the heart of practice?

qigong teacher xie chuan

Monthly retreats with Xie Laoshi on Qi Channel's Zoom!

Qi is abundant. We are organizing retreats every month with teacher Xie. Learn basic conditions for practice, how to relax, transform effectively, and deepen your access (Zhineng) to true nature. Maarten undoubtedly has abundant expeirence from his life living with kidney failure to help you making your retreat with Xie Laoshi a success.