Teacher Nicolas

From Nicolas:
11 years ago, I met an intuitive healer that taught me how to heal and use consciousness for 3 years everyday. Then i started to heal. But I was missing a traditional basis for my experimentations, 5 years ago I started to study Chinese culture. Acupuncture theories, massage and zhineng qigong. My qigong teacher is a well experienced practioner, he immediately led our group to practise mingjue, the consciousness entierty. Last year, i went for the 3 months teacher class in china and i go again for 3 months this spring.

Since i'm back from china, i involved myself to build a french and international zhineng qigong community. Now i'm working with teacher Wei to make it thrive. I structure spaces on facebook, mail and youtube, for practioners to meet, share, help eachother to practice, teach, learn and have fun toghether. I want to build a new society based on the understanding of the conscience capacities. We are at a point where we can reconsider our life style, understand from our materialistic excess and make our world a harmonious place to live. The practice through the consciousness field is the key point to realise quick and deep change. I'm glad that qi channel realised it and invite me to share about it. I'm touched and thankful for this.

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